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Gr8 Occasions Sauces & Spices is a leading provider of herbs, spices, dips, sauces, marinades and syrups to wholesalers in the catering trade and various fast food groups. Our mayonnaise based sauces and dips for chips, hot dogs, burgers, salads, savories and subs are rated the best in the market.

As manufacturers we have an unflagging commitment to adapt to our customers' needs and this has earned us the reputation of excellence. Creating new ways of adding value to our customers' goals and exceeding their expectations is our constant challenge. For this we are respected and admired by both our customers and competitors.

Although we are market leaders in many ways, Gr8 Occasions Sauces & Spices is still an old fashioned business with old fashioned values of integrity, honesty and professionalism. We stay away from adding harmful products (MSG) in most of our spice mixtures and our sauces. We utilize pure natural ingredients for example: Turmeric - natural antibiotic, Coriander - immune system builder, Cayenne - cleanse & detoxify, Paprika - helps iron absorption & contains iron, Cloves - increase white blood cell count, Cinnamon - stabilize blood sugar levels. Like Hippocrates used to say "Our food is our medicine and our medicine is our food". Just by using old fashioned herbs and spices and staying away from exciting toxins you can increase a healthier lifestyle.

Competition is rapidly changing and you don't have to be satisfied with a limited choice of suppliers and product ranges. Discuss your needs with us. As a manufacturer we can work on new recipes and ideas with you. You will benefit from our unique product range of outstanding quality, our quick response, excellent service and competitive prices. We can help to create new sources of value and bring unimagined benefits to your business.

We have a BULK/WHOLESALE pricelist on request!
Our spice blends and mixtures are used by well known groups.
Please feel free to contact us and enquire about our selection of over 100 sauces.
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